Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh, Sweet Mama, your Daddy's got them Deep Ellum Blues...

A couple of weeks ago R and I took the DART (metro) way down to South Dallas for the Deep Ellum Arts Festival:

Conclusion: It was really damn crowded. Also, I was disappointed that most of the "art" was mass produced, imported from China and marked up 1000%. I was looking forward to handmade local artisan wares!
The most exciting (and terrifying) part about the festival happened right after we hopped off the DART and were waiting at the station with a crowd of people to cross the street. A man in a tie-dyed shirt coming back from the festival (who had apparently partaken in the copious amounts of alcohol available there), started running towards us to catch the train, and didn't see that another one was headed into the station right towards him. It was moving at quite a steady clip, let me tell you, and this guy was not in good shape. He seemed to be completely oblivious, and when it became clear that he had no intention of waiting for the train to pass, Roland cried out, "Stop! Dude, wait!" and suddenly the crowd all freaked out and started yelling helpful things like, "Ohmygod! You're not going to make it!" and "You're going to die!!!!" This snapped our oblivious friend back into reality as he became abruptly frantic and tried to run even faster. Advice: Do NOT try to outrun a train if you are a drunk old hippie. Or really, if you are anyone. Just wait for the train to go by.
Thankfully, the train operator saw the commotion and slammed on his brakes just as the guy ludicrously attempted to leap over the tracks, tripping over his feet and falling to the ground in the process. The crowd pulled him the rest of the way to safety, and the DART train operator stopped anyway just to show everyone that he totally could have averted disaster even if Old Tie-Dye hadn't tripped his way across the tracks.

Anyway, maybe it was because we came very close to seeing a guy get hit by a train that the festival didn't seem as exciting as it could have been. After 45 minutes of being pushed around in a throng of art-ogling Dallasites, we decided to ride the train back to Uptown and get a pizza at a New York Style Pizzeria called Grimaldi's. We ate most of it outside with a couple of beers while we people-watched. It was the best part of the day!
JalepeƱos and onions on Kate's girl half, Sausage and onions on Roland's boy half.