Sunday, September 23, 2012

Super Exciting Ceiling Fan Dismantling!

Guys, I know this is not the most exciting topic ever, but for the past two years we've had a problem. A clunky, 30-year-old, near-useless fan on our bedroom ceiling. It wasn't hooked up to any switch (I'm telling you, whoever did the electrical wiring in this house did not read the manual first), and it was a huge hassle to turn on. Even after hitting two buttons 7 feet in the air AND pulling the chain, it would only get going to about the speed of a snail. Also, it was extremely wobbly. In short, it did us no good and was mostly just a dust-attracting eyesore.

I guess I could explain step-by-step how we dismantled it, but it's pretty straightforward. First the blades, then the base.

It was a mess up there. We couldn't figure out why they didn't want it hooked up to a switch on the wall. Anyway, at this point we jaunted over to our neighborhood Lowes and considered replacing the fan with a ceiling light. Unfortunately, because there's no dedicated switch, our choices were limited to the two models of light fixtures with a pull chain. And they were ugly. Not ceiling-fan-ugly, but not attractive. In the end, we decided to spend $2.56 for a cover and…voilĂ ! It's like it was never there.

Now we have a box full of fan blades and a motor for bulk trash. We've already seen a couple of 'pickers' making the rounds in our neighborhood looking for any 'valuable' trash out by the curb, so we're guessing our fan won't be out there too long.