Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trashy Update:

The box spring was removed from our front curb...and not by the bulk-trash truck! We think our neighbor across the street took it, because he was outside when we carried it to the curb and remarked, "Why, HELLO there." At the time we thought he was addressing us, but it looks like his greetings were actually intended for the box spring he was planning to swipe. Enjoy it, neighbor!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bulk Trash

Our neighbor decided to cut down a small forest. Why? We do not know.
On our evening jaunt around the neighborhood, Roland and I happened upon a rare treat: looking through our neighbor's garbage. Okay, not their actual garbage full of banana peels and coffee grounds -- just the bulk trash they decided to put out on the curb for pick-up. Bulk trash pick-up is the last week of every month here, and there are very specific guidelines for what does and what does NOT qualify for pick-up:

OK: large limbs, shrubbery, bagged leaves (in sealed bags with a maximum 50 gallon capacity), furniture, appliances, mattresses and box springs

NOT OK: bagged grass clippings, new construction or remodeling materials such as lumber or roofing materials, bricks, concrete, rocks, dirt, paint, oil and hazardous containers

Do not ask me why a bag of leaves is acceptable but leaving a a bag of grass clippings outside for pick-up can carry a hefty fine of up to $200. Are they really opening the bags to check and make sure there's no grass in there?

Also, many people seem to see bulk-trash pick-up as an excuse to throw away regular sized items that could easily fit in their 90-gallon standard issue trash cans/recycle bins (weekly trash collection occurs in the alleys every Tuesday). Is this allowed? The rules don't explicitly prohibit it, but I'm sure it's annoying for the bulk trash staff, who are already probably having to deal with bags of prohibited grass clippings.

Then there are people like our neighbor, who apparently cut down half the limbs on his oak trees just to celebrate bulk trash pick-up day (picture above). 

Luckily, all this trash reminded us that we had our first OK contribution to bulk pick-up, the box spring from our old bed set-up that we unsuccessfully tried to donate for several months. Tip: The Dallas Salvation Army will NOT take queen & king sized box springs without an accompanying mattress. After convincing Roland that he did not need to do any "unwelding" to the springs to break it down, we carried it out to curb where it will hopefully be the topic of someone else's blog post.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roland's Birthday Weekend, in iPhone Pictures

1. Roland's Birthday Popover - eggs, milk, flour - and a little rum (berries and sugar on top)
2. Birthday Eve lunch at R+D Kitchen
3. Looking suave with leftovers in the ritzy Highland Park area of Dallas

4. Sprinkles Cupcakes for a birthday treat
5. Coconut and key lime cupcakes, before they started melting in the 100 degree heat.
6. "The first duty of a cupcake is to be lemon-flavored." Key lime passed the test as well.

7. At Roland's parents for Sunday dinner/family birthday celebration
8. A full dozen beautiful eggs from Roland's sister. Fresh from her backyard chickens!
9. Traditional chocolate birthday cake made by R's dad. There has been some version of this cake (with the same sugar letters) every year.

Happy Birthday, Husby!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dedicated to the neighborhood stray cat, who is mad at us

We may not have any pets in the Son family, but that's not to say we don't love animals.

Exhibit A: We like to watch the occasional rousing match between swine & cephalopod.
Exhibit B: We have great respect for exotic animals, even when they're taxidermied camels from the 1970's with creepy smiles for sale in an antique store.
 Exhibit C: And who wouldn't love a taxidermied otter?