Thursday, October 14, 2010

Corner of Danger

Ladies and Gentleman, behold the CORNER OF DANGER!

This is not in our house, thankfully, and after I showed it to the Safety Manager, it's no longer in the hallway either. Because the CoD should never be forgotten, here is a list of its components/what made it so special.
  1. A rusty stool. Pretty basic, this stool was very rusty. If you cut yourself and rubbed your hand on the stool, you would probably get tetanus.
  2. An unsturdy easel.  This easel looks harmless enough, but if you try to set anything on it, it will fall over on you 102% of the time. The problem lies in the shoddy screws that hold the whole unit together, and also possibly a mysterious bite-mark near the base of one of the legs.
  3. A sharp (and also rusty) motor-looking thing of unknown origin. I'm not sure what exactly this is, but I do know it's dangerous as hell. For the first year-and-a-half that I was here, it was used as the doorstop to a secret supply closet where I occasionally had to venture. The secret supply closet was a danger in iteslf, as it locked from the inside and no one knew where the key was. If this motor was ever removed as doorstop, I'd be trapped in the room forever. Luckily, I guess, no one could ever remove the motor, as it weighed about 75lbs and was really sharp. Lugging stuff in and out of that closet I must have cut my ankles/stubbed my toes on this beast about a dozen times until I convinced a safety assistant to haul it out into the hallway and replace it with a $1 rubber doorstop.
  4. An old chair with splotches of unidentified blue sticky gunk and two missing screws. I'm not sure why this child-sized chair was here at all, except maybe someone walking by with it saw the Corner of Danger and thought it would fit right in. All I know is that after over a year, the blue gunk still hadn't dried, and that the two missing screws at the rear of the chair made this a disaster waiting to happen.
As I said, it's only a memory now. But, let it serve as a lesson to everyone: there's no telling what could be lurking around the next corner. The Corner of Danger.

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  1. I hope these things were thrown out separately, because if you're not sure how they got there, perhaps it was a rare fit of sentience and rebellion that brought these rejected, dangerous items congregating into the same corner.

    Next time you enter the supply closet, look down, and if it's the motor propping the door open once again, take note of the incongruence and prepare for an ambush inside.