Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is here!

Spring is officially here in Texas, and the weather has been absolutely perfect. We invited Ben and Rosemary over last night to celebrate the changing of the seasons with a barbecue.

During the barbecue, Rosemary found the giant red "S" that I have recently acquired from an old sign at work. I'd like to hang it somewhere prominent, like in the kitchen or the living room, but Roland suggests the garage. Thoughts?

Lastly, we got a glimpse of our fickle friend, Ballsina the cat. She is a stray, left here (along with several other cats) by someone that used to live in the area and couldn't be bothered to take care of their pets anymore. :( Ballsina, along with her brother, pretty much have the run of the neighborhood. They climb fences, and as seen here, jump onto roofs so they can bird watch from a better vantage point.


  1. I love the S - my suggestion is the front door.

    Also, did you come up with the name Ballsina? Great picture!


  2. Why are all the pictures outside, except the one of you? Did you stay inside? I like the 'S,' and suggest you hang it in the shower to scare off the ants. Don't you have a spare room/den where you can hang the crooked letter?

  3. It's been a year. What did you do with the S?