Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fun with Fleece

About a year ago, my mom gave us a sewing machine with the hope that I’d take it up and make all types of great things for our house. It sat on the shelf unused (mostly because I’m too impatient to learn how to use it correctly), but my husband rescued it from oblivion a couple of months ago and quickly caught the sewing bug. He’s made iPhone pouches & a pillowcase, and recently he’s been consulting YouTube videos to learn different types of seams (Oh, you need a flat felled seam? Yeah, he can do that). Yesterday he took on his most complicated project yet: tailoring a jacket.

This fleece jacket was an Xmas present from work two years ago, but the only available size was a Men’s Large. Not too wearable. Luckily for me, husband took on the challenge.

First, he took all my measurements and the dimensions of the coat. To get the right fit (fitted but not too snug), he decided to trim the waist by 20″ (!) and each arm by 10″. It was a very large jacket. He sewed the new seams first, then cut away the excess fabric. Then all the seams were reinforced and finished by hand.


So…basically my husband is a miracle worker. It’s like having an entirely brand new jacket, fitted especially to me. He’s offered to teach me his sewing skills, so that’ll be my resolution for 2012. I just hope my first project will turn out as successfully (unlikely).

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