Sunday, September 26, 2010

Demolition Day: The Living Room Shelves from Hell

Before we began demolition, we weren't quite sure how these shelves were affixed to the wall. The only way to find out for sure was to start dissecting.

Roland starts at a junction between wood and wall. (edit: Roland would like to point out that he did not actually start hammering here, it was just good for the photo. He actually pried off the front panel to have access to the screws).
After prying the cover off one section, we discovered that some of the wood was screwed into the drywall, other parts into studs, and some were just nailed into each other. There was also wiring running through each section for the special lighting effect.
Piece by piece, we unscrewed, pried, and yanked off sections of the shelves.
Roland is very tall, but even he had to employ the use of paint cans so he could unscrew high-up wooden blocks from the wall.
Finally, all the shelves are gone! Does anyone need 100lbs of plywood planks?
After the shelves were removed, we discovered that the yellow and gray paint peeled off the wall in long strips with next to no effort. Next up, repainting!

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  1. Wow, seeing how those shelves were constructed makes me increasingly intrigued by them! Definitely weird, but also so deliberate and (it appears) fairly well-made! Whatever did the previous owners display on them?

    Also, your floor looks gorgeous! Is it that nice in real life?