Sunday, June 24, 2012

Consignment Adventures

Less than 5 minutes after arriving at the consignment store. I can’t really blame him. Consignment shopping can be painful if you’re not the type to get super excited about used furniture (I am).

I had to make a deal. I won’t take him on any more consignment adventures, and he’ll take care of all future shopping at Home Depot.

BTW, this shoe cost $150. A used chair in the shape of a shoe. I told R I’ll go back for it when it hits $20. He said he wouldn’t take it for free.


  1. No...we had to escape quickly. I'll go back and do some recon on my own...

  2. What?? R looks like he's LOVING that chair. I expected you to say that he wouldn't get out of it and you had to purchase it immediately.

  3. I thought it would be a perfect centerpiece for the man cave, but Kate pointed out that it was after all a high heel shoe with leopard print, so I had second thoughts.